Condensation Control & Ventilation Systems in Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire
Condensation Control & Ventilation Systems in Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire

Data Logging Service - Condensation & Mould

We offer a data logging service for condensation and mould problems in Derbyshire & West Nottinghamshire.


Data logging is used to monitor the internal environment of a property. Our data logging equipment automatically logs the relative humidity, dew point and temperature at various intervals.


Using data logging equipment to measure humidity and temperature regularly inside and outside properties over a set period of time can help build a picture of why condensation and mould is occurring and determine the contribution to the internal environment that is being made by the residents.


Our logging equipment is normally installed within a property for at least 4 weeks to gain valuable data. At the end of the logging period, the equipment is removed and the data is uploaded on to a computer.


Once we have gathered all the data, we are then able to evaluate it and produce graphs which will provide information in various forms.


Presentation of Data Logging Information

The above graph shows differential vapour pressures.


Differential vapour pressure is the difference between internal and external atmospheric moisture levels. It is essentialy a measure of ventilation and/or moisture production by the occupants.


This graph shows the relative humidity, dew point and temperature.


We can also manipulate the data. One way is by changing the temperature to see if this would have had any impact on the property.


For example, a higher temperature could lower the relative humidity which is turn could reduce the risk of condensation/mould growth from occurring.

Arrange Data Logging For Your Property.

If you have a property which is suffering from condensation and mould growth, we can offer a solution which will give you a real insight of what is truly happening within your property.


Before installing the data loggers, we preform a full survey of the property and record any property history/information that you can provide. The survey will determine which areas are most in need of the data logging.


The data loggers are then installed within the property and left for usually around 3-4 weeks.


At the end of the logging period, we will remove the equipment and gather all the data. We will then produce a proffesional report (with data shown in graph format). The report will explain what the data shows is happening and any recommendations .


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