Condensation Control & Ventilation Systems in Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire
Condensation Control & Ventilation Systems in Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire

Mould Removal & Treatment

When it comes to removing black mould permantly, applying soap and water is just not enough. In order to prevent regrowth of the mould it needs to be treated correctly. No matter how much the mould is cleaned off or painted over, it will reappear if the actual cause of the mould is not identified.


Identify the cause


The first step in mould removal is to identify the actual cause of the mould growth. The growth is often caused by excess moisture (condensation or a leak) and poor ventilation. These issues will need to be dealt with first before any cleaning and treatment takes place.


Treating the Mould


Once the conditions are improved so that mould growth should not reoccur, it is then time to clean and treat the affected areas.


We use a combination of cleaning and sterilisation products to physically remove the mould.


On occasion, if a room is at particulary high risk of being affected by excess moisture then an anti mould paint may need to be applied.


Our Services:

  • Mould Removal/Treatment Service.
  • Supply ONLY of Anti Mould Paint.*


*If required we can arrange for a decorator to apply the supplied anti mould paint products.

Mould Treatment/Cleaning - Before & After

Mould Treatment in Derbyshire Before Mould Treatment
Mould Treatment After Mould Treatment
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